My family is a beach family.

Every year since I was two years old, we’ve taken off for the coastline. Whether that coastline skim the edge of New Jersey, the Carolinas, or St. Croix — it hasn’t made a difference. As long as we’re near the water in the summer months, all is right with the world.

Given our family’s love of the sea, there seldom comes a year when all five of us can evade the unfettered evil that lies within every seagull heart. This year, the squadron of seagulls we encountered — is squadron the proper pluralization of seagull? It should be — descended upon us seemingly as one feathered mass, ripping through bags of Wavy Lays and spreading sand and ill-will with reckless abandon.

My brother named them all after English colonists, which seemed and still seems appropriate. I have duplicated their exact likeness for you here, in the form of composite sketches — let us hope they are swiftly brought to justice.



In 2017, my primary New Years Resolution was to finish a rudimentary jewelry studio in my home. By January of last year I had collected numerous tools and materials, and all I needed to do was to organize and prepare my space: buy a table, build a peg board, and get moving. SO, that’s what I did! By March, the peg board was finished and my tiny studio was up and running.

This space is so helpful in giving me an outlet apart from my work desk to create. I feel free here; I am able to explore here. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.31.52 AM.png

Recently I’ve been expressing some crucial self-love by working on this copper initial pendant. It’s not quite finished yet, but it’s well on its way…