I'm Emily, and I'm an illustrator, craftsman, and designer.

I have forever been a daydreamer, a doodler, a creative-sort. "We're not sure how she's absorbing enough to get the right answers," my teachers would say in parent conferences, "since she always seems to be in her own little world."  When I left for my first year of college, I chose my path specifically to rebel against those designations, determined to prove the world wrong. On a seemingly god-given mission to demonstrate my love and dedication to science, I enrolled as a pre-med student. But after just six months into freshman year, I felt that I was resisting fate. I had so many ideas! ...and very few forums in which to express them.

Since graduating from art school five years later, I've found out a few things. First, a lot of my ideas sucked. Second, I've learned that I've always had a legacy of being intrigued by the scientific way the world works, but I know now that I'm more interested in how I can visualize those theories and explain them to others. The best part of my career in advertising is the fact that understanding the psychology of consumer habits is the scientific backbone of any good marketing strategy. I've found a role where being inquisitive is fundamental, and where my work can be far more influential than I ever dreamed.

So let me tell you! I didn't prove anyone wrong but myself. Being a designer is both an inspiring and powerful thing to be.